The boat

Picaroon is a Hardin Sea Wolf , a 40ft ketch designed by William Garden

Weighing in at 28,000 lbs Picaroon is a heavy full keeled blue water sailboat. She has a pair of Douglas fir masts, teak decks and a six foot bowsprit. Her standing rigging, once steel wire, has been replaced with Dynex Dux, which is a synthetic cord stronger than steel, and a lot lighter. The only remaining steel rigging is on the bowsprit. LWL is 32ft and she has a 12ft beam.

She can reach up to 8 knots, although our average speed is more like 5-6 knots. With an aft cockpit and wheel steering she has a master cabin and salon and can sleep four people comfortably. The forward berth has been taken over as a sail locker and work space. Originally built in 1978 in the Tashin shipyard, in Taiwan to a Graham garden design, our Hardin sea wolf very much resembles the hull shape of the many Formosa sailboats built in that period.

William Garden was a romantic when it came to designing boats and many of the details reflect this giving our boat a distinct feeling of being aboard a vessel from the halcyon days of sailing. Although not the fastest of boats she never-the-less feels very safe in a heavy seaway which is what drew us to these kind of boats in our long and exhaustive search for our future as live aboard sailors.